Pumps `n’ Udder Things now operate under the Cleanflo Filtration Limited umbrella.

Spa Pools / Swimming Pools

Hydro Spa Pools available at Cleanflo Filtration Ltd

Our Spa pools have a modern design, precise jet placement, quality internationally sourced components, 7 layer insulation, state of the art water management system and super strong construction.
If you’re ready to invest in a spa pool or swim spa, we offer complete peace of mind and relaxation.  
Come and view our pools in the showroom on the corner of Dee & Lowe Streets Invercargill. Below is a small sample of our range 
Premium Plus - Wakatipu

Hydro Spa - Premium Plus Range - Wakatipu - 

The Hydro Spa Wakatipu Pool five seater  is the perfect pool to relax with your family & friends. The pool has two lounger and three seats. The Wakatipu offers a spacious place to unwind from a hard day's work or spend the weekend relaxing with a handful of friends & family.

Circulation & Jet Pump ~ Ozone Sanitizer ~ Balboa Controller ~ LED Rim Lights ~ 3kw Heater ~ Lockable Cover ~ ABS with PVC Base ~ Aluminium Framing  ~
15AMP ~37 pc Hydrotherapy Jets
Hydro Spa - Premium Plus Range - Onslow
The Hydro Spa Onslow Pool three seater is the perfect pool to relax in with a couple of your favourite people, with two loungers and one seat. This cozy spa offers the perfect relaxation tool to either destress or repair your muscles after a hard days work with 68 hydrotherapy jets.
~Circulation & jet Pumps ~ Lockable Cover ~ Ozone Sanitizer ~ Balboa Controller ~ LED Rim Lights ~ 3kw Heater ~ ABS with PVC Base ~ Aluminium Framing ~ 2,200 x 1,560 x 880 mm ~ 15/32 Amp ~ 68 Hydrotherapy Jets

  • Servicing
Cleanflo Filtration Limited have experienced servicing technicians to cover all servicing needs you may require whether it be for your Spa of Swimming Pool.

  • Chemicals & Testing
Cleanflo Filtration Limited have full knowledge and an extensive range of chemicals and test kits for your Spa and Swimming Pools.

  • Filters
Cleanflo Filtration Limited stock a huge range of filters for your Pool and if by chance it isn’t in stock we will get it for you.

Spa Pool Start Up Process

  1. Fill the spa with a hose to the water level shown on the pool.
  2. Turn on the spa.
  3. Once the pool temperature reaches at least 34 degrees you can start adding chemicals.
  4. Turn the water jets on while adding chemicals and follow the steps


Balancing the Alkalinity 

Recommended level is between 80 and 120 ppm.

To increase the Alkalinity, add ‘Alkalinity Up’ at the following rates:

Desired Increase 1000 Litres in Spa
30 50 grams
60 100 grams


Once added leave in spa for 1/4hr and retest and make sure correct.


Balancing the pH

Recommended level between 7.2 and 7.8.

To decrease pH add ‘pH Decrease’, To increase pH add ‘pH Increase’ at the following rates:

Desired Increase 1000 Litres in Spa
0.1 5 grams = 1 teaspoon
0.8 40 grams = 8 teaspoons


Once added leave in spa for 1/2hr and retest and make sure correct.



Recommended level is between 3 - 5 ppm

Start-up – Add 2 teaspoons of ‘Super Chlor’

Normal use – Add one teaspoon per person after each use

Once a week – Test that the correct chlorine level has been reached

For pools with ozone, always check the chlorine indicator on the test strip within 10 mins of adding as ozone eats up the testability of chlorine and if checked 2 hours later an incorrect reading will occur.

When the stabilizer indicator on the bottom of the test strip reads between 150-300 it is time to change your water.

Regular Maintenance Guide

Once a week test water for all chemicals.
Fortnightly take filter out and hose down using high pressure then soak in ‘Cartridge Cleaner’ 150mls per Filter Bucket for 24 hours.
Approximately every 3 months drain the pool.
Remember this is a guideline and varies per pool size, model and personal use.