Rural Filtration & Mineral Dosing

  • The high-pressure Solu-dose is here.
Designed and manufactured by Cleanflo to dose minerals into your farm water line for your Dairy Cows.
The Solu-Dose is the user friendly nutrient injector, designed to minimize farm maintenance.

  • Low maintenance, trouble free operation

The nutrient solution is drawn up from the solution tank by vacuum, which means there’s virtually nothing to wear. Few moving parts mean low maintenance.

  • Easy to install

The Solu-Dose 58440 is pre-assembled, ready to screw to the wall and connect to the water supply
No pre-filter needed – because the Solu-Dose does not operate on fine mechanical tolerances, there is no need for a filter before it.

  • Easy to use

The Solu-Dose is an in-line system, so no water by-pass manifold and/or valves are required, Simply turn off the power switch when a nutrient injection is not required.

  •  2 year warranty


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