Pumping Needs

Here at Cleanflo Filtration Limited, we have all your needs covered for both sales and servicing of  pumps. Whether it be a domestic house pump, rural &  commercial pumps, or for your Spa pool and swimming Pool.
We can repair, supply, and install.
Cleanflo Filtration have a wide range of pumps available instore including Davey, Lowara & Pedrollo pumps.

  • After Hours Service Available. +6427 434 0108

Prefilter System for your Pump     

‘Between your Pump & your House’
Pre-filters reduce the number of small particles of rust, sand or silt and protect later stage of water purification from premature clogging.
Several types of cartridges are available for this system, Pleated Cartridges which range from 1-micron rating to 50 micron rating or a Variable Density Cartridge which has a micron rating of 25 micron down to 1 micron.

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