Premium Plus Range

Introducing the Hydro Spa Onslow Pool, an exquisite three-seater designed for intimate relaxation experiences. Featuring two sumptuous loungers and a single seat, this cozy spa pool offers an unparalleled retreat for unwinding and rejuvenation. With 68 hydrotherapy jets, it serves as an ideal sanctuary to alleviate stress or soothe tired muscles after a demanding day's work. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and revitalisation with this luxurious addition to your home.

  • Functional Components

    • Balboa Controller
    • 3kw Heater
    • 63pc Hydrotherapy Jets
    • 15/32 AMP
    • Circulation & Jet Pump
    • Lockable Cover
    • Ozone Sanitizer
  • Structural and Design Elements

    • Dry weight 300kg
    • ABS with PVC Base
    • Aluminium Framing
    • Dimensions 2,200 x 1,560 x 880mm
  • Enhancements and Accessories

    • LED Rim Lights

    Available styles:

    • Timber look with Silver & White Marble Shell

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