A little bit about us

Cleanflo Filtration is a well established enterprise with over three decades of experience as a family-owned and operated business. The dedicated team, led by Craig and Cindy, prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and tailored solutions to meet diverse pumping and filtration requirements.

With a highly trained and qualified staff, Cleanflo Filtration possesses the expertise to guide customers in selecting the optimal pumping equipment and filtration systems for their specific applications. The company's commitment to understanding each client's unique needs ensures they receive customised and effective solutions. 

In addition to their core offerings, Cleanflo Filtration now design their own line of premium spa pools sold under the Hydro Spas brand. Leveraging their extensive knowledge of filtration and pump systems, Hydro Spas provide customers with a luxurious spa experience backed by Cleanflo's industry-leading expertise.

In a recent strategic move, Cleanflo has expanded its operations by acquiring Pumps 'n' Udder, now operating under the Cleanflo Filtration Limited umbrella. Recognising the value local customers place on quality service and the integrity of long-standing,
family-owned Southland businesses, the Team at Cleanflo use their comprehensive knowledge and extensive product offerings to deliver the right solutions.

To explore the comprehensive range of pumping, filtration and spa pool solutions available, customers are encouraged to contact Cleanflo's dedicated customer service team, who stand ready to assist with their inquiries and provide personalised guidance.

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